Quantum technologies

Quantum technologies (QT) can hardly be understood with everyday experience – and yet they determine modern life. The first quantum revolution provided the physical foundations for the digitalization of socie- ty, lasers and modern communication tech- nologies. We are now in the middle of the second quantum revolution. With photonic tools, individual quantum particles can be manipulated and controlled in a targeted manner. This opens up a multitude of new applications: For example, communication by means of entangled photons is to be pro- tected against unwanted access and thus enable communication that is tap-proof per se. High-resolution imaging techniques based on QT will advance medical diagnos- tics. With the help of quantum sensor tech- nology, physical quantities such as the local gravity field of the earth can be measured more precisely than before – and thus pro- vide information on valuable raw materi- als, among other things. Optical clocks will improve time measurement and thus the accuracy of navigation systems. Quantum computers are expected to score points with gigantic computing power and unprece- dented speed. Quantum technologies will therefore be as indispensable in the future as the Internet is today.

In the Berlin-Brandenburg region, a large number of research institutions and innova- tive companies work with key technologies for QT such as photonics. In Berlin alone, three large universities provide the necessary basic research, while numerous application-orient- ed research institutes build bridges to innova- tivecompanies,whichthendevelopQTprod- ucts from demonstrators and prototypes. The task now is to exploit this great potential in the region and connect the players in order to generate sustainable added value.

As a new network initiative, the Innovation Forum Photonic Quantum Technologies was launched in early March 2020. Initiated by the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 90 represen- tatives of universities, research institutions and SMEs met, presented their activities and explored possibilities for cooperation. The aim is to quickly transfer QT research results into applications and to exploit them eco- nomically.

We must now quickly pick up this momen- tum in order to make Berlin-Brandenburg internationally visible as a QT industry loca- tion. Does your company manufacture com- ponents and systems for quantum technol- ogy? Do you develop software solutions or electronic components that could be used in QT? Get involved and let us shape this excit- ing field of application together!

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