Future solutions by GoQuantum include devices for High performance end-point VPN gateways, to cover demands across the edge network, as well as single-user USB tokens to establish post-quantum secured channels from a single computer.

Our Prototypes are based on:
  • Cryptographic post-quantum layer using TLS for VPN or PTP

–  Hardware/software solutions for Post-Quantum VPNs, which do not require new infrastructure

  • Enhanced security by hardware Quantum-RNG key generation
  • Different Post-Quantum settings (Crypto Agile approach), following closely the NIST standardization process
  • Different architectures, aiming at small-scale  and low-consumption (IoT): X86, ARM A9 , MIPS 24k
Our prototypes?
IoT Post-quantum

Our IoT Gateways are based on cryptographic layer using TLS for VPN or PTP using different post-quantum settings fed by an on-chip  QRNG for secure key generation. We have different versions and target prices depending on power consumption, scale factor, and processing capabilities requirements, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and server versions.

USB Token

Small factor Autonomous USB Token for VPN,  with a micro-embedded processor and the latest  tiny-factor QRNG generator available in the market. Portable and adaptable for -legacy devices.

Post-quantum in
Radio technologies

New line of technology for 3GPP RAN (LTE/NB-IoT/NR) Radio Network environments using post-quantum settings. More information available upon request.

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