Post-Quantum Secure Data Transmission Devices
Post-Quantum Secure Data Transmission Devices

We provide Post-Quantum Secure data transmission solutions through quantum-based hardware

and radio link layer encryption for Industrial and Telecom applications.

Our prototypes

GOQuantum conjugates our expertise and experience in quantum technologies, telecommunications and information  security to bring you cutting edge technological solutions for today and tomorrow, helping you to quickly adapt to the quantum paradigm, which is  already putting your industrial and personal information at stake. Act now and let us help you!

Post-Quantum: What is it for?

GoQuantum is post-quantum interface technology. We use algorithms and hardware for enhanced network communications security, aware of, and safe under  quantum threats

Our philosophy points towards crypto-agile technological adaptation without requiring fundamental changes in the standard network infrastructure. This allows easy incorporation, while increasing security and solving issues for the deployment of technologies such as IoT. Furthermore, we strive for low-energy consumption to foster scalability, following closely the most recent advances in quantum-safe cryptography.

Additionally, GoQuantum includes quantum technology itself as a part of its core  by using the latest developments in Quantum Random Number Generators. Based on quantum-photonic detection, QRNGs produce high quality true random numbers, used for unpredictable hardware key generation thus avoiding possible security flaws offered by pseudo-random generators found in most devices (periodical functions based on algorithms), especially as these problems become more prominent in small form factor  due to more limited processing capabilities.

Change, before you have to.  – Jack Welch
Change, before you have to. – Jack Welch
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