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Quantum Cybersecurity Pilot with Movistar

GoQuantum is working hand in hand with Wayra, Movistar’s (Telefónica) venture capital, in adapting traditional computing systems to more advanced cryptosystems, and they are already preparing to scale them to Europe.

It develop a cybersecurity solution that allows adapting “traditional” computing systems to more advanced cryptosystems.
Today, the privacy of digital data works from encrypted messages, which would take years to be decrypted by traditional computers to violate the security in the exchange of information. However, the new computing paradigm makes it possible to increase the speed of information processing, so that decrypting an encrypted message will no longer take years, but minutes.

“These computers are currently in the experimental stages and tend to serve only one specific function, and they are beginning to be generalized for common use. But if we wait for there to be a quantum computer for all daily applications, it will be too late to prevent, in terms of cybersecurity, “warns the CEO of the startup, Raúl Zuleta.

With a total investment of close to US $ 550 thousand, from private capital and Corfo, they developed a pilot device in the Movistar Chile data center to protect data with end-to-end encryption.

It is a rackable server, “hardware similar to a firewall,” Zuleta describes, while adding that it is also in chip format to be integrated into computer systems.
A cybersecurity solution that aims to serve any company that handles sensitive data traffic or, for the future of the Internet of Things (IoT), being adaptable to corporate internet networks (or Ethernet) and
VPNs based on “traditional computing” models.

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